CEC Canada¡¯s first official press release #0001:

CEC CANADA TAKES PLEASURE IN ANNOUNCING ITS CALL TO BECOME INVOLVED IN THE EDUCATION OF THE YOUNG OF CANADA, A HIGHLY PROGRESSIVE ENDEAVOR FOR A TIME SUCH AS THIS: When a call of this nature comes it is evident to us that God loves Canada, it is also evident to us that he is ready to take Canada ahead in space of time, furthermore due to the nature of the call it is evident to us that he does not want Canada his knowledge and bread basket disturbed, but rather that it be lifted up and strengthened to be an example to others, as givers of knowledge and givers of means for such a time as this, it is also evident to us by what we see happening today that he wants Canada to be a gate for the fleeing Just of this world to come through to become part of the fabric that Canada is called to be, a just society in the face of this shrinking world: After seven years in the making of the CEC CanadaCEC Canada Foundation Association is today letting Canada know what is at the heart of the Association: In very simple words, it is that Canada¡¯s children grow up to become loving and kind, merciful and productive contributors to society; Why now, What is God seeing? There is a saying, You want to know what you are like, look into the face of your wife, she mirrors who you are, so where should Canada look to see what it is like, CEC Canada says take an orderly look into the many faces of society that Canada has had to do with to come up with a true reflection of self, to miss nothing begin by looking at the faces of those who bring children into to this world taking it up all the way to the face of the old soldier who has faded away: We say, Let it be done in the spirit of assessment with one thing in mind, to correct what is wrong, and to develop that which is right:  What CEC Canada wants children to hear at the end of their journey are these words coming from the one who is responsible and to whom they are responsible for their presence on this earth: WELL DONE GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT; YOU HAVE BEEN FAITHFUL OVER A FEW THINGS, I WILL MAKE YOU RULER OVER MANY THINGS: ENTER INTO THE JOY OF YOUR LORD; Yes with a promise of a future that reaches beyond this present time.  The last thing CEC Canada wants is seeing children falling through the cracks and so becoming a burden to society when they should be who they really are, from one generation to another the very soul and back bone that determines the future strengths that this country needs and will need as it moves ahead playing its part in a failing world: This man has looked in the mirror and has been found wanting: And yes has accepted his share of the blame, when I should have acted as a principled man, I did not, I took nothing serious, I cared less, when I should have spoken out, I did not, I kept quiet and said nothing, when I should have exercised my rights at the voting polls, I did not, In my case I was discouraged from doing so;  What did I turn out  to be? Like many, many today, an underground rebel cheering on true rebels with a just cause to effect change. Why talk about rebels now? Because they with a little bit of encouragement and a little bit of help can bring a country to its knees.  Most assuredly they are the angry of the day who show us how far short we have fallen as a nation called to be a knowledge and bread basket for the well being of humanity. Many of you may think that this a political statement, in the deepest of love, it is not ¨C governments across the board are just another reflection of who we as a people are, their first and foremost responsibility is to know the purpose of the country, the second, to make sure that everybody else knows, the third, and their primary purpose is to fulfill the will of its people. At this present time we dare add, of those who understand and agree with the purpose of the country. Self interest can never be allowed to overshadow the purpose of the country: To this end our system of Government, the governing body, and the opposition: the governing body to fulfill the will of the country, and the opposition on behalf of the country as a watch dog to make sure that the governing body does what it is called to do: A very appropriate way of governing. To go beyond this should be seen as a country fractured, not everyone knowing its true purpose.

Does God see this land of Canada as fractured, CEC Canada believes he does, were it not  so, there would be no reason for his intervention at this time, in this case to see to it that his inheritance, the innocent children of Canada become what he wants them to become, loving and caring contributors to society. He is not in the business of fixing things that do not need to be fixed, on the overall it is his place to have those who agree with him co work with him to get things done according to his will and good pleasure, a will that says, My counsel shall stand, and a good pleasure that says, I have not created the earth in vain, I have formed it to be inhabited with righteous people.

Am I my brother¡¯s keeper? It really is not a question as to whether we are or not, life truly shows that we are, the big question is, should a nation allow its governing body carry the responsibility of being our brother¡¯s keeper? The answer is never, all nations are responsible for what their country turns out to be. What is appropriate for a people is to pass the ball to its governing body, so that they as servants can carry out the genuine burdens which they themselves for one reason or another cannot carry out without them: The democratic government we have is set up to do exactly that: A Government by the people for the people. The big question is, have we as a people anywhere relinquished our responsibilities and thereby in-advertently passed them on to the government as though they alone were the rulers of the country with full authority to exercise their collective judgment without the full approval of the people it is called to serve? Unfortunately we have to say yes to this question; the first one which comes to mind, which we believe is also the most important one, is the disciplining of unruly children, a true responsibility every parent should understand and never, never run from: When a child after he or she has been raised and is settled down comes to you says, Dad, Mom, I could never have done it without you, you know you have done it right: My Dad was a disciplinarian of disciplinarians, he had four strong self willed and stubborn boys, he never once took out of them these two great values, he had the wisdom to harness these values, values that would keep them on track for the rest of their lives. After age fourteen he never laid hands on them, he set examples and reasoned them to become loving, caring, and merciful man: The moment I heard that Dad had passed away, the first words that came from my mouth were - Now I have to listen to God. In retrospect I can say, I came from under the wonderful authority of my Dad, to under the loving, kind, merciful, and most gracious authority of the one who made him the man who he was, a man with the attributes of his Lord, the attributes that flow from the loving, kind, and merciful character of Almighty God. And what about my mother, her name was Maria, and blessed she was, she was blessed to be able to raise four self willed and stubborn daughters; after the years of my parents early struggles my mother became what she was intended to be, a crown with eight stars on the head of her husband. A word from the man who has been credited to be the wisest man that ever lived, Solomon: Proverb 12: 4. A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband: When we look at the fabric of our country, we can readily recognize a part of the fabric which makes the rest of the fabric uncomfortable, we say deservedly so, for it is we the people who have allowed it to happen, and it is we the people who have allowed it to put us into straight jackets of fear, what is it? It is the ever increasing lawlessness that now haunts us twenty four hours a day. My father warned me, when you begin to see men in jack boots, it is time to flee, personally I pray, God bring in your standard that can not be broken down, no more then man can take the sun out of its place, what we have now is a sure sign that we are headed in the direction of other civilizations which have let things go too far and ended up being crumbled, let your wisdom rule I pray: I pray that you let Canada learn a very basic lesson before it is too late, let it learn that it must be like the farmer who grew a crop that failed, who then plowed the field and planted a crop he knew had never failed anyone. Thank you for listening Heavenly Father, in the name of your beloved Son Jesus, my Lord and Savior I pray, Amen.

Just how far removed are we from the day of the birth of the Dominion of Canada 1867 a mere 140 years old, how far have we come from the time that we were led to believe that He, meaning God, Psalm 72: 8 shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth, to this present time: Here is how far, We as a people have allowed it to become politically incorrect to mention his name; Literally by doing this we have taken the issues of life and death which belong to God into our own hands; Question, Since when can the clay tell the potter what to do and what not to do, without suffering the price of being cast off: How have we fared? The land Canada once a virgin and peaceful country has become a land were man¡¯s wisdom has become weaker then his fear, his fear dictating many of his moves: Only to experience the very thing he fears.  Fear is a true straight jacket that can destroy the mind and hold people from doing what they know they should be doing: King Solomon also said, Proverbs 10: 24 The fear of the wicked, it shall come upon them: but the desire of the righteous shall be granted. The only prescription that can truly stop fear from getting the upper hand is the Love of God, of which it is said, Perfect love casts out fear. The righteous have this confidence, God has not given to his the spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind. We recognize the fear of man and the fear of the unknown as part of Satan¡¯s arsenal to disturb man.

Canada today has an opportunity to show itself wise by walking away from a long feared belief that we are slowly being eaten up by those who believe or speak differently then we do, surely we do not have to look far to find out what the fruit of this fear is. We as a people are in position to exercise a divine law that will show those who come that we are a shield and a protector of the rights of man: A shield that reads - Matthew 7: 12. Therefore all things whatsoever you would, that men should do to you, you do even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. (This is the fulfilling of the law, so says God.)

CEC Canada has today touched on things that it sees as reflections that mirror us as a people, there are no doubt a number of more issues that the mirror is showing us, we will let you decide what they are, we do so to encourage you to become involved in the assessment and to do your part to move out those things that have come against us as a people and to bring in those things that make us the people we should be. Yes walk away from your fears, and let your hearts be warmed as you give yourselves to the enjoying of doing your part in this overall exercise of making us the people what we have been called to be, a loving, kind, and merciful nation of people in the sight of Almighty God worthy of the country that we live in.

A promise of God to you and your children is a satisfied soul:

Psalm 103: As King David consoled his soul, so this writer has consoled his soul and says together with him:

 1. Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name.
 2. Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:
 3. Who forgives all your iniquities; who heals all your diseases;
 4. Who redeems your life from destruction; who crowns you with loving-kindness and tender mercies;
 5. Who satisfies your mouth with good things; so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.

It is a new life transformed by the word of God, it is renewed every day, a life that is good for now, and for the life to come.

CEC Canada says, It is not too late to stem the sliding tide:  The answers lies in bringing knowledge to the existing population, and most importantly to educate our children because they really are, from one generation to another the very soul and back bone that determines the future strengths that this country needs and will need as it moves ahead playing its part in a failing world:

Official Lyrics of O Canada! O Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all thy sons command. With glowing hearts we see thee rise, The True North strong and free! From far and wide, O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. God keep our land glorious and free! O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

CEC Canada is a Christian organization given to the demands that it takes to effect change: To know us we have an open door for you to go through, it is called www.ceccanada.com. To get to know a little about this writer go to the page called ¡°When man agrees with God good things begin to happen.

The sevenfold purpose of the Website:

1. To link the Association with Canada.
2. To let Canadians and beyond know who CEC Canada is.
3. To let them know what CEC Canada¡¯s calling is.
4. To let them know how CEC Canada will fulfill its calling.
5. To call and to employ leadership, management and staff.
6. To attract parents and children to a viable education option.
7. To call for the support of God¡¯s vision for CEC Canada, the education of the young of Canada, a most noble and honorable cause for such a time as this.

For inquires please send your contact information, interests and concerns to info@ceccanada.com.

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