Out of the PRAYERS AND THE meditations of the hearts of good men rise the answers to quell the rising tides that come to haunt nations in trouble: CEC Canada is an organization called to become involved in the education of the Young of Canada to quell the tide of Children sliding through the cracks: The question is, Who prayed?

WHO PRAYED FOR THE BERLIN WALL TO FALL? IT IS CREDITED TO BE A BLESSING OF FAITH: It fell. When God sees his people being held captive in the snares of the Devil, he will take pre- measurements to get his people to agree with him to become involved to effect change. His first step is to draw his Church into prayer, the next is to motivate its people to engage in the spiritual warfare that it takes to save his people. The history of the fall of the Berlin wall is a perfect example: Verbatim:

Fall of Berlin Wall a Blessing of Faith (Winnipeg Free Press, Ian Ritchie¡¯s bi-weekly column-Saturday Free Press ¨C 1999 Columns: Ian Ritchie, Ph.D. is an ethics consultant and educator.)

Nov. 9th is the 10th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It is one of life's ironies that one of the great defining moments in 20th century history should have had so little attention paid to its causes. The average Canadian knows very little of the forces behind the scenes that shaped that great transition.

The Lutheran church in East Germany played a leading role in opening up East Germany and in making the transition from communist rule a peaceful one. Many there would tell you that it all really began with peaceful prayer vigils in the St. Nikolai Church in Leipzig. In 1983, as a response to the rising nuclear threat from proposed Soviet SS20 missiles and American Pershing missiles, pastor Christian F¨¹hrer opened the doors of St. Nikolai church for prayer. Since 1980 the pastor had been holding a ten-day study session every November on the theme of peace making. But the step of opening the church every Monday for anyone and everyone to pray for peace marked a new level of engagement. At every meeting the Beatitudes were read together in unison: "Blessed are the peacemakers ..." These prayer meetings were held at 5 p.m. every Monday from 1983 on.

In 1989 the numbers of people coming to these Friedensgebete, or "Prayers for Peace," greatly increased. Even more so in September when those who wanted simply to leave East Germany started to be outnumbered by those who wanted to stay and bring peaceful change. A Reformed church in Leipzig also started a prayer vigil, as well as churches in East Berlin and Dresden, another East German city.

These peaceful gatherings formed the core around which the peaceful protest demonstrations grew. The "New Forum" movement was founded on September 9th, a loose coalition of Christians and environmentalist, "Green" type thinkers who wanted simply to open the possibility of free discussions about aspects of life in the GDR that were generally "off limits" to debate. Soon, large and peaceful demonstrations were being held every week. These protests led to the Oct. 18th resignation of Erich Honecker, quickly followed by the opening of the Berlin Wall on Nov. 9th. Now there was each week a greater opening to discuss freely topics once taboo. Within weeks it became possible to talk about the possibility of reunification with West Germany.

Throughout the daily - changing situation, the churches kept advocating non-violence and dialogue. I shall always remember the words of one young East German man I spent a few hours with in East Berlin in June, 1990. He said that what was most remarkable about the transition and reunification with the west was not so much that it happened, but that it happened so peacefully, without even so much as a single death! We learned later that Eric Honecker had seriously considered the "Chinese solution" to the peaceful protests, similar to the massacre at Tienanmen Square in Beijing just five months earlier. Thank God that he didn't go that route!

What can we learn from the East German church? Christian F¨¹hrer liked to quote the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer: "The church is only the church when it is there for others." The Nikolai church took in and protected not only those with faith, but also those who had no religious faith at all. They protected those who wanted to emigrate from East Germany, even though the solution the pastors advocated was to remain inside the country and work for change from within. This, to me, is a wonderful example of unconditional love, one which ought to be told more.

Eventually the New Forum movement was eclipsed when reunification with West Germany became permissible and West German political parties moved in lock, stock and barrel. The reunification of Germany came formally one year after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The church that produced the peaceful change was eclipsed, and today has little influence in the eastern part of Germany. The names of the pastors of peace like Christian F¨¹hrer and Friedrich Schorlemmer are now largely forgotten, to our loss. But the image of "Candles behind the Wall" (the name of a popular book on this topic) still image a memory of new possibilities for peaceful social change within the framework of Christian responsibility. I find it an inspiration and a sign of hope that the Christian church, for all of its moral failures and follies, nevertheless sometimes does what it was meant to do, and the world benefits from it.

When things come to a crescendo, God will step in to do something to save those who he knows will come to him:

Who has prayed for the Children of Canada, it appears that prayers have been going up for some time, why because God again has allowed it to come to a cresendo were people once more will agree with him that he step in to effect change: His answer to prayer, The CEC Canada Foundation Association, a nation wide Christian organization has been called to become involved to help effect change through the education of the young of Canada for such a time as this: Why now? Why not? Because they really are from one generation to another the very soul and backbone that determines the future strengths that this country desperately needs and will need as it moves ahead playing its part in a failing world.

CEC Canada¡¯s call is to raise children to become loving and caring contributors to society:  For you to find the in-depth of CEC Canada¡¯s calling we have an open door for you to go through, it is called www.ceccanada.com The purposes of the site is seven fold:

The sevenfold purposes of the Website:

1. To link the Association with Canada.
2. To let Canadians and beyond know who CEC Canada is.
3. To let them know what CEC Canada¡¯s calling is.
4. To let them know how CEC Canada will fulfill its calling.
5. To call and to employ leadership, management and staff.
6. To attract parents and children to a viable education option.
7. To call for the support of God¡¯s vision for CEC Canada, the education of the young of Canada, a most noble and honorable cause for such a time as this.

For inquires please send your contact information, interests and concerns to info@ceccanada.com.

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