This page: When man agrees with God, good things begin to happen.
About CEC Canada:
C01 Front page - Let us help your children get know him.
C02 When man agrees with God, good things begin to happen.     
C03 God's vision for CEC Canada. CEC CANADA's Website Power Point: Getting to know CEC Canada the easy way; click here.
C04 Scripture support to God's vision.
C05 God's will for CEC Canada.
C06 CEC Canada's leadership and management.
C07 CEC Canada's Boards in Operation.
C08 CEC Canada's Voting Procedures.
C09 CEC Canada's Calling.
C10 CEC Canada's Constitution - Table of Contents.
C11 CEC Canada's Constitution and By-laws.
C12 CEC Canada's Short Statement of Faith.
C13 CEC Canada's Statement of Faith.
C14 CEC Canada's Website Scripture Support.
CEC Canada at work: Which position would you like to fill?
W01 CEC Canada's Head Office - Corporate flow chart.
W02 CEC Canada's Elementary School - Corporate flow chart.
W03 CEC Canada's Elementary School - Operational flow chart.
W04 CEC Canada's High School - Operational flow charts.
W05 CEC Canada's Under Graduate School - Corporate flow chart.
W06 CEC Canada's Under Graduate School - Operational flow chart.
W07 CEC Canada's Christian Evangelical Church - Corporate flow chart.
W08 CEC Canada's Church Ministry details.
W09 CEC Canada's Human Resources.       For Positions Apply here.
W10 Positions at Head Office.      
W11 CEC Canada's Elected Officials.
W12 CEC Canada's Elders and Deacons.   
W13 Positions with CEC Canada's Elementary Schools.     
W14 Positions with CEC Canada's Junior and Senior High Schools.    
W15 Positions with CEC Canada's Under Graduate Schools.   
W16 Positions with CEC Canada's Graduate Schools. (N/A).
W17 Positions with CEC Canada's Christian Evangelical Church.    
W18 CEC Canada's Job Portfolios. (View only)
W19 CEC Canada's Job Application form. (View only)
W20 Becoming members of CEC Canada's Christian Evangelical Church.
W21 CEC Canada's Church Membership and the Student.
W22 CEC Canada's Operational Performance Report.

CEC Canada called to be involved the education of the Young of Canada

E01 CEC Canada on Setting Goals.
E02 CEC Canada on goals and education.
E03 CEC Canada's School Standards and Procedures.
E04 CEC Canada's Ministry of Admissions: Student Registration.
CEC Canada walking the extra mile
M01 International Students.
M02 CEC Canada and Children Coming from Non-Christian homes.
M03 Student Tuitions and Fees.
M04 Student Financial Support.
M05 Student Housing Program. Attn : Landlords.
M06 CEC Canada's on-site Student Tutoring and Counseling Service.
M07 CEC Canada's Pre-Under Graduate Student Counseling Service.
M08 CEC Canada's High School Student Council.
M09 CEC Canada's Employer's Employee Bank. Attn : Employers.
M10 CEC Canada's Public Relations Office.
M11 CEC Canada's Parent Teacher's Association.
M12 CEC Canada helping other Churches.
M13 CEC Canada's University Student Council.
M14 CEC Canada's Student Alumni Association.
M15 Employer's Student Employee Bank.
Helping CEC Canada.
H01 The Viability of CEC Canada, To donate click here, all donations are tax receiptible
H02 Helping CEC Canada.
Keeping you informed:
Y01 CEC Canada's Head Office Addresses.
Y02 New Projects: Attn: General Contractors.
Y03 Progress Reports: Attn: Have a vested interest, we keep you informed.
Y04 CEC Canada's School Addresses.
Y05 Projects in Progress: Attn : Graduates.
Y06 Progress Reports: Attn : Those who have a vested interest in what is going on.
Y07 University Standards and Procedures.
Y08 CEC Canada's University Addresses.
Y09 CEC Canada's New Schools: Attn : Students and Employees.
Y10 CEC Canada's New Churches: Attn : Members and Employees.
Y11 News -keeping you up to date.
Y12 Announcements - keeping you informed.
Y13 CEC Canada's Employment Standards.
Y14 CEC Canada's Alumni of Honorary Business Men and Women.
Front page Bill-board addresses
B01 The President's Word to Parents.
B02 Sons and Daughters of God.

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