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Reverend Byron W Grant.
Education; Reverend Grant holds the following  Degrees - Bachelor of Art-Letourneau College. Master of Divinity - Western Conservative Baptist Seminary.
Experience: Rev. Grant is a 25 year member of North American Indian Ministries. His official position with NAIM is Church Planter. For the past 16 years his place of service has been in the City of Vancouver as Director and Pastor of Tillicum Native Centre. His work has been primarily with the Urban Native Community. With CEC Canada Reverend Grant will wear two hats, the first as Director for the Association, the second as the Liaison Officer of the Association to the Native Communty of Canada.

Business Administrator Jacob Friesen.
Education: Grade 8 - Grade School, in a Mennonite Village of Rhinefeld, Southern Manitoba. Business training 1 year - Duffus Business College, Studies included Business law and accounting. Vancouver British Columbia.
Religious Education: During grade school, approximately two and half hours per week, for a period 8 years, the old Testament, the new Testament and the Evagelical Mennonite Cathechism. In addition, Christian parental input up to age 18 through word and example, this included attending church most Sundays with his parents.
Experience: Thirty nine years as a business operator. This includes Driver Education, the Manufacturing of Recreational Vehicles and Residential Construction, 9 years with New Beginnings Baptist Church and Fellowship Center, Vancouver, B.C. taking part in directing, evangelism.  The most recent work is bringing this project from its beginning to where it stands today. He takes on the position as the Chief Executive Officer of the Association. His responsibility is to see to it that the Association has the help and the means it needs to carry out the agenda God has given to the Association. And secondly, to see to it that the help carries out its responsibilities in accordance with the course set for the Association. And last, to see to it that the Association has the protection it needs, so that it can do its work. And last, to see to it that Canada gets to know the Association and its work.

Pastor Joseph Russell.
Education: Pastor Russell has had 5 years of religious training to prepare him for the ministry God has called him to, that is to work as and Evangelist amongst the very hurting in the City of Vancouver. The Religious institutes involved in his life are as follows, Central Baptist Bible College and Seminary, Northwest Bible College and Seminary.
Experience: Pastor Russell was called to open up New Beginnings Baptist Church and Fellowship Center in the midst of the hurting in the City of Vancouver 14 years ago. It is from here where Pastor Joe has stepped out into the community to do the work of an Evangelist, to the point were he now is pastoring with considerable help a scene that is bursting at its seams. Pastor Joe has taken on the position as director with the Association. To this date it has not yet been established what his eventual role may be with CEC Canada. At what level Pastor Russell will be involved has not been decided, what  has been determined is, Community Care and Evangelism is his calling.

MBA George Lai.
Education: Mr Lai is an MBA graduate. He holds the following degrees - MBA, HKSA, FCCA and CGA. Not long after his arrival in Canada, approximately 10 years ago,  Mr Lai surrendered his life to the Lord. In the month of December 1992 George was baptized. Today he is nearing the completion of the second year of a seven year Bible study course.
Experience:  Mr Lai received much of his experience in the Orient. He invested his time with two major corporations, the first 7 years in the accounting departments of Cathay Pacific Airlines, his status at the time of departure was accounting supervisor. The second, 12 years in the accounting offices of Hongkong Telecom. His status at the time of departure was Assistant Treasurer.  George has since he came to Canada developed his own CGA firm. This firm is now in its 6th year Besides running his own practice George has managed to satisfy a major finance manager’s portfolio for a major organization in Vancouver. George will take on the position of the Chief Operating Officer for the Association.

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