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CEC Canada's Student Registration Form (Sample only)

This registration form is designed to accommodate all levels of education, please respond only to what applies to you.
Please read the entire form before you make your entries.
       This form is designed for the registration of the following: Students who are members of the CEC Canada Christian Evangelical Church, Students who are members of Churches who stand in agreement with CEC Canada’s Vision and Ways, Children of God who come from families having no affiliation with the Church of God, but do have the approval, support and written consent of their parents. For those who fail to meet CEC Canada’s entry standards see CEC Canada’s By-law  19: 2, 3.
Choosing your school :
In which Province would you like to attend school? Clicking on either the Province or Territory of your choice will take you to the cities or places in which CEC Canada has called to setup Christian based Schools. Note : Up to date no schools have been established. But please keep going to see what CEC Canada has been charged with.
A simple procedure, you tell us where, what place, which school, and what grade you want to attend, and CEC Canada will let you know whether or not there is space available, whether or not you qualify, and should you not qualify, CEC Canada will let you know what it might take to get you to the point where you do qualify.

1. Select now.
  Where in Canada What Place Which School  
2. Select the Grade or Course
Elementary Junior & Senior High.
Kindergarten Grade Eigth
Grade One Grade Ninth
Grade Two Grade Tenth
Grade Three Grade Eleven
Grade Four Grade Twelve
Grade Five    
Grade Six    
Grade Seven    
B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) Dual B.A.(Bachelor of Arts) & Applied Science
First Year First Year
Second Year Second Year
Third Year Third Year
Fourth Year Fourth Year
    Fifth Year
3.There ae 3 Methods to send in your Registration
1. Online Registration.
Click here to Register Online
2. Register by Post.
To Register by Post Download the PDF Student Registration
Complete the Form and then send it by post to the Following Address.
CEC Canada
P.O. Box 78054 RPO
Grandview Vancouver, B.C. V5N 5L9
3. Register by Fax.
Please Fax the Completed form to CEC Canada,
Attn: Student Registration , The Fax Number 1.604.253.7500

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