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God's Call

God's Call for CEC Canada to be involved in the Education of the Young of Canada.

CEC CANADA FOUNDATION ASSOCIATION became a nationally registered non profit society on September the 1st, 1999. God would take nine years to lift Jacob Friesen a visionary and founder of a number of businesses, the eldest son of a Southern Manitoba Mennonite family, to  the level of President and to where he could use him to prepare the Association for its future.
 Jacob’s call came in a few words, “ It is now time to do my business” In less then six months Jacob would hear, You will be involved in the education of the Young of Canada. Jacob could now sense that God was about to take advantage of at least some of his past and did not shudder at the idea, in fact he looked forward to what he had heard with immeasurable expectations. Jacob’s response a casual one, was, Yes I can handle that. This is also when Jacob dared to make his first demand on God, he repeated his Yes, and said, At a hundred percent or nothing - in layman’s terms “lock stock and barrel” heart, mind, and soul, and body. Jacob learned quickly that patience and perseverance and persistence would be his greatest allies. One of his determinations was and is today, to reject things that can not be done in God’s love, simplicity, and order. Two key Bible verses that Jacob has embraced are these - they are the foundation for his persistence. The first is Galatians 2: 20. I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I, but the life I now live in the flesh, I live by the Faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. This verse drove Jacob to get to know the one who had taken charge of his life, the one who would ultimately walk him through life in the joys and pleasures of His Heavenly Father.
The second verse was Isaiah 62: 6, 7. This verse showed Jacob that it was good and in order to  be persistent, it reads - You that make mention of the LORD, do not keep silent and give him no rest till he establishes, and makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth. Jacob has truly learned what it means to pressure his Lord.
God has a way of giving his called confidence, Jacob was no different, as you will see this is no small business, it would require a whole lot of confidence to believe and accept that God would choose such a one as Jacob and make him the President of an organization of this magnitude. To get Jacob to believe that all things are possible, God would instruct Jacob to spend time with Ezra. It was this book that would seal forever Jacob’s confidence that God could do as He pleases and have the results he wants though the lives of his people in spite of all opposition.
Having all this behind him, Jacob would experience a learning curve of five hears of personal growth in the knowledge of God, and in studies related to the work that would lay ahead. For Jacob this was a time of joy, for he knew that God meant business. To Jacob his call was genuine, few dared to question him. It would take a total of fourteen years to get to where CEC Canada is today. In the outset Jacob prayed, “ God don’t take me away from the storms of my own iniquity, rather take me through them, so that wen the time comes I will be able to face the storms you have for me” this time was indeed a time of testing for Jacob. The most important lesson Jacob learned was not to lean on the arms of flesh. How far has CEC Canada come? Today Jacob is asking those who believe God is calling them to become involved in the education of the Young of Canada, to take time to look carefully at this site, especially so, at the file called Human Resources.

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