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CEC Canada’s doors will be open to International students, the first thing they will have to face is examinations to determine whether or not they can meet CEC Canada’s standards. The first on the agenda would be the use of the English language. The examinations would include the studies needed to enter into the next phase of study, e.g. grade one to enter grade two, grade twelve to enter post graduate studies. This policy would apply to all who come in with a measure of education to their credit, from Grade one and up. What happens when they fail? All student would be given the opportunity to go into upgrade mode with CEC Canada in order to qualify.

What is missing is?

Students and parents will want to know what it costs to live in e.g. Vancouver, they will want to know what Vancouver is like, they will want to know how much they will have to pay for the education of their children, they will want to now what type of housing is available for them, they will want to know what housing costs are, they will want to know how much they would have to pay for transportation, they will want to see a snapshot of the school, they will want to know what CEC Canada has to offer after graduation. ( All this information will be made available approximately 8 months prior to the opening of schools and churches where ever CEC Canada may open them.)

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