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CEC Canada's on-site student tuturing and counseling

First, tutoring is to be done by in house trained CEC Canada volunteer students and or teachers, secondly, counseling is to be done by in house trained CEC Canada student counselors, tutoring is to be centered on curriculum alone, whereas, counseling is to be centered on life alone. Tutorers are to be in position to be able to decide whether or not counseling of a student is an issue for them to get the student they are tutoring to follow through with their studies before they begin tutoring. Counselor are to be able to tell whether or not a student has a true understanding of God, before they proceed to counsel someone who has come to them to look for counsel. Let us never forget it is the lack of knowledge of God that can destroy the best of us.

What is left to be done?

Production of instructions manuals covering tutoring and counseling. e.g. standards and procedures. And the orientation and training of tutorers and counselors.

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